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Crazy Frog Pest Control is one of the fastest growing pest control companies in the nation. We create an opportunity for first time college students or people in the industry for years with unparalleled success.

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What is it like to work at Crazy Frog Pest Control?

Where Will I Work?

Crazy Frog has its own offices, which means we aren't going to send you off to a random location so we can fill a quota. Crazy Frog has established branches in multiple states across the country.

Where Will I Live?

Crazy Frog makes safe, clean, furnished apartments available for reps throughout the summer.  Single reps often room with other single reps, and married housing is available.  A bonus is provided to subsidize the cost of rent.  

How Much Money Will I Make?

Crazy Frog has a unique approach to Summer Sales. Instead of a one time 'Back end check', reps are paid an initial commision every 2 weeks when their customers pay for their first service.  Then you can qualify for an additional monthly residual check which is a set percentage of all of the revenue received from your customers for as long as they are paying for service, even 10 years later. This unique pay system can radically change the financial course of your life.

When Do I Get Paid?

Our reps are paid a portion of their earnings every 2 weeks during the summer via direct deposit to their bank account. The remainder of your earnings are paid through a monthly residual check as your accounts are serviced and pay their bill.

What Training Is Available?

Crazy Frog has an entire training program with a proven track record of success.  If you study and practice and back it up with hard work you will be successful. You will also receive on the doors training with sales reps who have previously sold over 500 accounts in a summer.

Are There Future Opportunities At Crazy Frog?

For those who desire, we offer additional compensation for recruiting additional sales reps, sales team leader, location sales manager, and regional manager opportunities.  

All About Us

The Crazy Frog Advantage

We use customized treatments to target the specific and general needs that the customers have. Our inspection process is years in the making. We treat for 47 different pests and rodents. The Crazy Frog Advantage keeps the bugs away by creating a long term barrier.

Our Mission

Our Licensed technicians use a targeted checklist approach to treating the customers home. One size doesn't always fit all. Most companies use the same product for years. Bugs get used to those products and the effectiveness goes down. We are constantly rotating our products to stay ahead of the bugs. Crazy Frog is on the cutting edge of bug prevention.

Our Certifications & Qualifications

Crazy Frog only uses licensed and certified techs that drive trucks with Crazy Frog logos. All of our techs wear IDs that clearly identify who they are. Background checks are performed on every Crazy Frog team member to help insure our quality and performance.

What our reps saying about working here

Going with Crazy Frog has been one of the best decisions of my life. The trainings are only from the best in the industry. They have a great work environment, motivating incentives and strategic ways to help you improve. I was able to sell and service 250 accounts this summer. Anybody that works for this company will change their life.

VincenteSummer Sales Rep

I debated between CF and another summer sales job. I ultimately chose CF because of their honesty, passion for sales, and their commitment to their reps. I feel like an equal at CF. They look out for the reps more than any other company by giving us residual pay! I never thought I would learn so much from a summer job, at CF you learn leadership skills and how to preserve through any challenge.

MichaelSummer Sales Rep

I sold alarms for two years, selling about 35 each year, and wanted to try something different. I decided to go with pest control and looked into several companies before finally settling on Crazy Frog. Because of their program I sold over 250 accounts in less than three months. Anyone looking into doing summer sales should do pest control and do it with Crazy Frog.

BrentSummer Sales Rep

Highlights of the Summer


Receive different bonuses in the summer, like the rent and training bonus.

Residual Pay

Keep making money off of any customer you sell, done are the one time commission pay structures.


We offer varies personal and group incentives throughout the summer.


Can you be the best? Find out in our summer competitions that are loaded with prizes!

On Hands Training

Receive training from some of the best reps in the industry.


There will be plenty of fun and entertaining activities during the summer.

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